Sliding closet doors are primarily used to effectively manage space and can work well in any room. The biggest advantage a sliding closet door has over the traditional closet door is that it does not take more space than the width of the closet. This is particularly smart to use for closets in tight or congested spaces like bathrooms and hallways.

Sliding doors of years past were awkward and inconsistent. Some moved too fast and some moved too slowly on runners and rails. Modern engineering and technology have changed that and made present-day sliding doors more efficient. Even in terms of style, there is a lot more options to choose from now. Following are the available types of sliding closet doors:

· Wooden Closet Doors – These doors are available in stained or natural state; may also be hollow or solid.

· Wood Laminate Doors – These laminate doors come in a variety of grains and colors. The wooden look may be retained or if desired, a painted style is also widely available.

· Sliding Glass Doors – Sliding glass doors add a touch of class in any room and give the impression of bigger space. However, the inside of the closet must be neat and not cluttered.

· Frosted or Tempered Glass Doors This type of sliding door provides a sophisticated “open” look of a traditional sliding glass door but at the same time conceals the contents of the closet.

· Combination Wood and Glass Doors – This lends an elegant Oriental appeal to the cabinet, combining wood with glass or tempered glass panel.

Following are some tips to consider and keep in mind when in the market for sliding doors for your closet:

· How much money are you willing to spend? – If you are on a tight budget, hollow doors may be your best option. Other types of sliding doors are more expensive.

· Do you prefer pre-painted sliding doors? – You have the option to buy pre-painted doors or paint or stain them yourself. The color scheme of the entire room where the closet is located must be considered. You may be able to save money if you decide to do it yourself - that is if you can ably do it.

· Choose the right door size. – Most doors in the market are of standard size which is 80 inches in height. Before making a purchase, be sure to measure the exact size you will need. If you cannot find doors that fit, you may have to make a special order.

· Select doors with a built-in locking system – This will help keep the doors in place.

· Inspect the roller system. - See how it works. Find out if the doors easily slide or if they are difficult to open.

· Do you want tempered glass? – If you want to go for tempered glass doors, determine the available thickness. Usually, 4mm thick glass will suffice.

· How will it be installed? – Can you install the sliding closet doors yourself or do you need help? If you will need someone else to do it, include the installation cost in your budget.


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