In the past, when talking about bifold closet doors, the first thing that comes to mind is the type of bifold doors with slats and knobs. This type of closet doors is still being used today but for other purposes like a bathroom or laundry cabinet. However, these are not sturdy enough to be used as cabinet doors. More durable and solid bifold doors are now available that can stand the normal wear and tear that is required of a cabinet door. Other types of bifold doors include raised panel, flat panel, louvred, arts and crafts, mission style, French door style, and mirrored.

Compared to the typical sliding closet doors, bifold doors have the following distinct advantages.

· Bifold closet doors have more architectural value and are generally more visually appealing than sliding doors.

· Since bifold doors open completely, easy and immediate access to all parts of the closet is readily available. This cannot be said of sliding doors.

· Bifold doors have more variety. There are more styles and types available to satisfy a lot more requirements.

When selecting specific bifold doors to buy, it may be wise to consider and keep the following tips in mind:

· Select doors that have pre-drilled door knob holes in them. This will make installation a lot easier because there will be no more need for you to do it yourself.

· Before buying, measure the specific door size you need. Make sure you have the correct size to avoid installation problems.

Here are some basic tips on how to install bifold doors:

· See to it that the top rack is installed first. Because the top of the door jamb provides for very little space to work on, it is advisable if you install it first then line up the bottom rack afterwards.

· Find out if the floor is level because if it is not, the door will not roll properly in its tracks. Try to level the floor first by using a planer.

· Before attaching, make sure the doors fit snuggly into the cabinet. If the bifold doors do not fit, trim the door jamb. If the doors are too narrow, use wood trimmings to cover the gaps.

· Use grease to lubricate the tracks. This will make the doors glide more smoothly. However, do not put too much grease as this may mess up your closet when you are through.

It is not easy to install bifold doors especially if you are not well-experienced in home improvement tasks. You may need additional help to install the doors properly. It is better to have help particularly in lifting the doors to fit into the tracks. This is especially true if you are installing solid hardwood or mirrored closet doors.

When installing bifold closet doors, do not rush and always take your time. Rushing may result to poor workmanship and your project may simply fall apart. The doors may also not glide on the tracks properly or it may simply fall off the hinges.


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