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For those who have limited space in the bedrooms or guest rooms at their home, having sliding closet doors (otherwise known as bypass) can be quite helpful. This is because such doors do not consume space in front of the closet each time they are opened as they move sideways. At the same time, sliding doors make it easy for users to put in stuff in a faster way as the chances of accidents or contact (example: a large set of clothes getting into contact with an opening door) are minimal. In a way, sliding doors can be decorative as well as most of them come with different kinds of designs that buyers can choose from and complement the overall look of the room. In fact, some experts on home remodeling don’t recommend making this kind of doors the last item to consider on any decorating list and should be given more importance each time remodeling is being planned.

For those who plan to install sliding closet doors at their respective homes, there are some things that need to be considered before even making a plan. The first thing to consider is analyzing how much space is available and how he or she can benefit by having sliding-type doors on the closet for the years to come. Once that is done, making the plan becomes inevitable and the first step to consider is to take measurements of the old doors of the closet, and then present the data to a local consultant or expert who specializes on home improvement matters. Next is to check out a set of doors that will fit in with the overall look of the room. As there will most likely be multiple styles of doors to choose from – the mirrored sliding doors and modern sliding glass doors included –, it is important to keep in mind that any of them will fit nicely with the closet. Also some doors are presented in finished or unfinished models. Extra work (example: painting) will be needed for any unfinished type of door chosen. With the new doors now available at hand, the next step is to take down the old doors of closet by removing the old track (from the top) using a screwdriver, and then measuring the new track against the old to get the precise measurements.

The bracket should be mounted next in the same place where the old one was and ensure that the screws are well placed enough to make the new doors’ roller movement smooth. Rollers on the internal upper edge should be mounted and the good news is that some closet doors come with instructions on how to do it. Once the new doors have been hanged on the track, the process is done and immediately the owner can test the sliding doors and see how smooth they move. All in all, sliding doors for closets are pretty much available and continue to remain popular in homes were room space or closet space is rather small.


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