Today, you can find sliding closet doors in most cramped apartments or homes. This is because these doors require practically no additional space and they even make the room look bigger. For one, you do not have to provide for space for swinging a door inwards or outwards. You will always have enough room to open the sliding door regardless of the available space.

One probable drawback to a sliding door for a closet is that you cannot view the entire contents of the closet at one time and some people prefer that. Some doors may also be too heavy and difficult to roll open. Trying to open such doors several times a day can prove to be too tedious and may take its toll. However, these are minor problems that can easily be fixed.

Modern Sliding Doors – For neat and tidy homes with a contemporary design, installing sliding closet doors made of glass may be ideal. This will provide a more modern and sleek look to your room but it will compromise the privacy of your closet. After all, there will be times when your closet may be cluttered and in disarray. However, having glass doors may give you the motivation to always keep your closet orderly.

A good remedy to this is to get tinted glasses to make it a little more difficult to see through. Another option is to put a fabric behind the glass to make the inside of the closet a little more discreet. This will also provide for a more textured look.

Bold and Unique Sliding Doors – For some people, the simple and traditional sliding doors are not appealing and would want something more dramatic. The more daring and artistic ones may want to experiment on some paints with different color varieties. Depending on personal preferences, the possibilities for enlivening your sliding doors are limitless. You may even spray graffiti on them, and various art materials may be used to adorn the sliding doors. Even simple patterns and geometric shapes can make a big difference on the overall look of your closet.

Mirrored Sliding Doors – Some people will be thrilled to have a gigantic mirror for a closet door. Having one serves two purposes: 1.With a sliding door, you save on space that would otherwise be required for a swinging door and 2. You need a mirror to get dressed and with a mirrored sliding door, you need not provide space for a separate mirror.

Mirrored sliding doors can also make your room look a lot bigger because of the reflection the huge mirror projects. For the less vain but more artistic and creative ones, some makeover may be in order for the simple and plain mirror. Privacy film may be sprayed to achieve a foggy, muted look. For more dramatic effects, stencil may be used to create vivid privacy film designs on the mirror.

Likewise, a curtain may be hung to cover the mirrored sliding closet doors when not being used. This will somehow subdue the light reflected on the mirror.


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