Every homeowner tries to make their home an extension of themselves. Door handles, paint schemes, hard wood floors; even appliances can become signatures of the person living there. Most people overlook one item that can easily be changed out that can change the entire dynamic of the room: Closet Doors

Most homes come with the generic doors that are a frame of two by two boards covered by a thin piece of particle board. The design is light weight and expensive. Not to mention by being so nondescript they can compliment any décor.

But to put it bluntly, they are boring. The doors are seen everywhere. Usually in the not too exciting flat or semi gloss white and the door knob that has seen a million interior doors. The expression is, once you have seen one closet door, you have seen all the Closet Doors.

But that need not be the case. These days the home owner can change the door to fit whatever tastes they may be after. There are bi-fold doors, sliding doors, and a host of many other doors as well. The materials that they can be made of are from the traditional wood to mirror to even cloth or paper for a more oriental looking room decor.

One of the more common doors for a closet is of course the generic door found in many homes. As previously stated they are doors made of a frame with a thin covering. Most of the time they come pre hung with a frame ready to install. Remove the old frame and door, paint the new one and then slide it into place. Add a door knob and you are done.

Folding doors have always been popular. The slotted look of the folding doors can give the room a retro look. The versatility of the door allows for the maximum amount of access to the closet and is great for closets that may hold appliances, such as a washer and dryer. The folding doors also allow the home owner to open a section of the door for ease of access. Also these doors usually are opened and closed with handles and not knobs, removing the need for knobs that can break or fall apart.

Then there are the sliding doors. These doors slide on a track and usually allow better access to a closet than the traditional door. Some sliding doors are multipurpose with a floor to ceiling mirror to be used in helping the owner to dress or just add more light to the room. The sliding door usually does not have the need of a handle or door knob removing any need for hardware.

Closet Doors need not be drab or ordinary. There are options. From the more traditional door to mirror or sliding doors they can be different as they need to be to make the room look complete. With varied materials available for their construction those doors can look and feel as unique as the owner of the house that lives there.

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