Closet doors are an integral part of your bedroom. If your closet does not have a door, your clothes will be exposed to dust and dirt and your bedroom will look cluttered. This is why it is important to choose the right closet door for your bedroom. When choosing doors for your closet, you have to consider the style. The style should depend on the style of the bedroom—modern, traditional, country, rustic, or Victorian.

Another consideration is the size which is based on the size of the closet opening. Whether you are planning to build your own closet door or you are thinking of buying from your local home depot or home improvement center, it is important to get the exact measurement of the closet opening. If you do not know how to do it, you can always ask someone who know how to get measurements of closet openings.

Another important consideration when choosing doors for your closet is the style. Read the next few paragraphs to know what the different styles of closet doors are.

  • The first type of closet door is the standard door which is attached on hinges on one side of the closet opening. Almost all cabinet doors are opened outwards since your clothes occupy the inside of your closet. This is the most common type since it is probably the easiest one to make and install. This project is perfect for newbie DIYers who still need to work on simple projects. The standard closet door is also probably the cheapest because of ease of installation.
  • The second type of doors for your closet is the bifold door. As you can guess from the name, bifold doors for your closet have two folds. You need to fold the door, like and accordion, if you want to open your closet. On the other hand, you need to spread the door out if you want to close it. This is more difficult to make than the standard door because of the folds.
  • The third type is the sliding door. This door slides to close or open your closet. This is the perfect solution for bedrooms with small spaces. Accidents will be avoided because the sliding door slides to the wall and does not block the traffic or floor space in your bedroom. However, this is more difficult to install because you need to make sure that the door slides smoothly on the slider.
  • If you have a walk in closet, you can install a revolving closet door or a closet door that looks like a salon door. These are great ideas for doors though they are not practical and common. They are also ideal for bedrooms with large space.

These are some of the most common types of doors for your closet. You have to determine which type works best for your needs. So go ahead and pick the right closet doors for your bedroom after learning about the different types in this article.


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