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How to install closet doors is damaged or if you are looking for a range of style options to your liking, you need to install closet doors or replace. Here in this article some suggestions for a common plant. Step by step method of installing sliding closet doors, the whole process easier for you.

1. First, measure the sliding glass closet doors of the existing cabinet. Box can be easily replaced or installed. You can also purchase add-mirror and the great hall look.

2. You can choose from a wide range of doors too. Its use has become very popular these days because they are the protectors of the large space. You can choose between different materials like plastic, wood and metal closet doors.

3. Closet doors are reflected in particular in those days a strong fashion statement, which creates an optical illusion and the room brighter and light is reflected. But make sure that the correct folding If you choose the house? region and style. Alternatively, if you have a child at home is a safe option for the mirror closet doors.

Do not look outstanding and the finished products to choose from when purchasing. You can apply the finish, if you pick door mirror unfinished. Make sure the paint or varnish applied to the closet doors to install the task easier.

4. The old doors can be easily removed by pulling the track. Most closet doors just to drive the circuit. They feature a simple lock. You can use a small lever. A series of folding doors, which are placed on the track where they should be placed rollers. The wheels must be on high ground and free.

5. After opening the doors with a screwdriver, use the old schema. It is necessary to take measures against the old length sliding doors cabinet. To ensure a proper fit can reduce the access door and easy to adjust.

6. With bolts, you can mount holder was thrown out of the age. The screws should be, and the text should not interfere with movement of rollers. During the installation of doors, make sure the piece is pressed to form and how these problems could, fluid motion to the closet doors.

7. Travel inside the cabinet top slip must be installed according to manufacturer's instructions. You can also buy kits that come with wheels.

8. Finally, you can hang on the right track. Before pushing the door to fit and smooth


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