Closets in their most basic forms are tiny rooms with one purpose: storage. Whether it is the storage of clothes, the storage of linens or even the storage of appliances such as washers and dryers, closets are made for storage. That being said, Closet Doors should help in the storage of those items as well as allow for a relative ease of access to the items when needed.

Sliding doors on closets are ideal to that purpose. The doors are easily opened, and the opening usually allows for more access space than folding doors or traditional doors. This means that large or bulky items are easily stored and retrieved.

Sliding doors usually move along a track whether it is grooved or hanging. Grooved doors lined at the top and the bottom of the door, usually in the frame, for the door to slide back and forth on. The doors if hung right move back and forth with little or no effort.

Hanging sliding doors are usually more like folding doors than anything. The door is usually made of a light weight material that is suspended from a top grove. Even though these doors are used in closets, the most common use of theses doors is seen as a room divider in larger rooms. When used in closets these doors are usually seen in small closets where space is a premium such as boats or travel trailers.

The look of the sliding Closet Doors can also vary greatly. There are the traditional wood ones. There are the mirrored doors. There are even oriental ones that have a thin paper or fabric exterior. Some can have looking or latching mechanisms and can weigh practically nothing to something that takes a bit of force to move.

The traditional wood ones are by far the most common. They can be hollow or solid depending on need and usually are seen in spaces that require a more utilitarian use such as appliance storage or regular storage. Their ability to take scuffs and bangs means that they are a more work horse type of door. Many of these even have the option of latch or looking mechanisms.

Mirrored sliding doors can come in two popular forms. They can be much like the traditional wood forms with a mirror attached to the side facing the room; or, they can be a single glass mirror fitted into the slot. Both versions are usually heavier than the wood counterparts. The cloth or paper doors are usually framed doors, known for their look and their light weight.

Closet Doors serve a utilitarian purpose. They are meant to store items that the homeowner would rather have remained hidden. The sliding closet door serves that purpose. As far as closet doors go, they allow for greater access to storage areas than other more conventional doors. And like other doors they can be customized to not only fit their basic needs but the tastes of the homeowner as well.


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